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Bay Area Soccer League (Sandusky, OH)

Bay Area Soccer League (Sandusky, OH)

Drills for Individuals


We recommend you to practice on this drill as often you can.  Many great soccer players practice their skills with a wall.

Some important things to bear in mind are:

  • Keep your body relaxed.
  • Make sure to shift between your feet while kicking the ball.
  • Try to use all parts of your foot (e.g. inside, outside, instep).


Toe Taps

The key with this drill is to keep jumping on and off the ball without letting it move backwards.

To perform this drill you will simply need to: 

  • Put the ball in front of you.  
  • Place your kicking foot on the top of the ball.  
  • Jump and put your other foot on the top of the ball while taking the first one off.



This drill is designed to improve your ball skills, increase your stamina, and even raise your overall endurance and speed levels.

To perform it you will basically need to: 

  • Start by placing the ball between your feet.  
  • Perform a motion similar to the stair stepper exercise; however, you should do this on the side of the ball in order to get the ball to move back and forth between your feet.  
  • Try to keep your feet pretty close together.  
  • Keep your body relaxed and focus 100% on the ball.



This is one of the most basic soccer skills and will help you improve your overall ball skills.

Be sure to use all parts of your body while juggling the ball. Juggling can be pretty difficult, especially if you are new to soccer. However, you should keep in mind to never give up. 

  • Start to juggle the ball by using your feet.  
  • Flip up the ball and use your thighs.  
  • Flip the ball again and use your head.  
  • Switch back to your feet.  
  • Then flip up the ball on your head.  
  • Count how many times you can juggle the ball without it touching the ground.  Then try to break your record!



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